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A few years ago, we created the Dark Sky forecast embed for personal websites. It started out as a weekend project, but soon proved popular among web developers looking to quickly and easily add weather forecasts to their sites. Because of this, we've decided to offer a variety of new, fully-customizable, weather widgets.

The new default widget

Thanks to many suggestions from dedicated users, we've created a suite of six different widgets to choose from, along with controls to customize their style and layout. Users will find it easy to create an ideal widget that will fit in perfectly to their website.

The new bar graph widget

You get to decide how much information you want to show as well as in what format. Our bar chart and our graphs are extremely detailed and will provide everyone with informative forecasts.

The new small detailed widget

Short on real estate? Use a small widget and display only the most vital information.

Screenshot of the widget controls

Each widget has a control panel for complete customization, making it easy to play around with styles and see your results on the fly. There's no more messing around with the url query string and waiting to reload the iframe in order to see your changes. Make quick adjustments, hit generate and you're off to the races. You'll find that our widgets of all kinds of sizes will fit nicely into your already existing website design.

We're very excited to give web designers the power of Dark Sky on their own sites, and we hope you enjoy them!