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On Friday, President Trump signed an executive order banning individuals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. It has already resulted in the detaining of innocent people in our nation’s airports — many of them legal US residents — and it harms many more that are most in need of our help and protection. At its core, this order is both immoral and deeply un-American.

Our country is almost unique among the nations of the world in that it is not defined so much by its national borders, or by a shared ethnicity or religious belief, but by an idea: the idea of personal freedom, of liberty, of justice. The idea that if you share these values, you can come here, and that’s it; you’re one of us. You’re as much an American as someone descended from the Mayflower pilgrims.

We’ve taken that idea, and with it we’ve built one of the greatest, most powerful nations in the history of mankind.

That idea is now under attack from an ill-conceived executive order, signed with no judicial or Congressional oversight. We feel strongly that it is the duty of every American to speak out against it, and urge everyone to contact their representatives in Washington and ask them to oppose it.

In addition, we will be donating the next 7 days of proceeds from app sales to the ACLU and encourage you to join us in making a donation to any organization helping to fight this act.

America once stood as a beacon for the entire world, and it can once again.

- The Dark Sky Team